Do you want to catch a 29 inch Rainbow Trout?

Well, if you buy one of my ebooks, you might just be able to do the same as this reader -

Hi - I just wanted to thank you for amazing information. I'm doing a 6 month sabbatical in Palmerston North and read Hooked on Trout, then hit the the Makuri. Because of what you wrote, I fished the Gorge section, which I would have avoided based on the info in (something about the Gorge being "not good habitat for trout"). I ended up hooking and landing a 29 inch rainbow a short way up river from the Pori Rd. bridge. I've been here for 4.5 months and this is the biggest and most fun fish so far.
Thanks again.
Jack Sullivan


Ron Giles is a leading New Zealand troutfishing writer.

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101 Troutfishing Tips was Ron's fourth book. It received great reviews as it was of a size where it could be tucked into a car glovebox and hauled out whenever the fishing got hard. That happens to even the best of anglers and that is the time to try a new technique. Armed with this book, the trout don't stand a chance. If your favourite technique is failing to work, just delve into this magic book and fish out another killer technique.

The book includes many of the latest techniques that Ron picked up during his six month's fishing in USA. Most anglers know that fishing in USA can be hard work and USA anglers have developed most of the new innovations when it comes to fishing techniques - like:

  • Walking the Dog
  • No Indicator Nymphing
  • Fishing terrestrial flies
  • The downstream splash twitch
  • The Leisenring Lift
  • Short Line Nymphing
  • The Induced Take

All these, and 94 more, are included in this comprehensive book. As Harvey Clark said when he reviewed the book - "if you thought you knew everything about troutfishing, you need to read this book."

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See what one reader got from the chapter on Walking the Dog,
fishing the Tauranga Taupo River:

"I just had a couple of great weekends on the Tauranga-Taupo River. 
On my previous 2 visits I had never caught a fish. However I went further
upstream, as you recommended, and located a good run of fresh fish using
the walking the dog technique. My friend and I caught 6 in the one spot in
15 minutes as a result. In all I caught 19 fish in 2 days, which certainly
improves my average for the river. Thanks.

Tight lines,
Stephen Headey"

Extract from 101 Troutfishing Tips


Hooked on Trout was Ron's first book. It sold 6500 copies out of a print run of 6500. Yep, that means it is sold out.

Extract from Hooked on Trout

A Case Study from a reader of Hooked on Trout

Hi Ron Giles.

I`m a 25-year old man from Denmark. I`m in the fortunate position, that i`m going to NZ for a month in january.
This will be my second trip to NZ. Last time was in January 2005, where my girlfriend an i had 3 great months in your lovely country.
After having heard about the fantastic fishing in NZ, i figured that i had to read about it. So therefore i went down to a book shop in Taupo, and fortunately i picked out your first book, Hooked on trout. I think my girlfriend was a bit tired of me the next week, cause barely put the book down. I learned so much from that book, the nymph fishing wasn`t something i had tried here in Denmark. A couple of weeks went, when suddenly we passed close to the Waitawheta river. I convinced my girlfriend and a couple of our friends that it would be a great place to stay a day. It was raining a bit that day, so the girls were not to happy when we pulled in at the camp site. This was actually where i met you. I don`t know if you remember this. I came up to you as you where walking up to your car. I remember asking:"been down fishing"? Intelligent question, seing as you had a rod in your hand.I was, to say the least, very surpriced when you told me that you where the author of this fantastic book.
But you told me some good things about the river, and i got to catch some fish later that day. You also gave me a fly, and a card with your email add. So now that we are coming to NZ again, i thought that i could ask you a couple of questions, seing as the time is a bit limited this time.
I´m considering hiring a guide for a day. Is there anyone you might recommend? It does not matter if it`s on the south or north island.
And has there been any changes to the fishing, and rivers since last time? I remember having some fantastic days on the Clarence and the Tekapo river. But it properply will be limited how many rivers I will have the time to visit, so if there is some rivers you think I especially have to visit?
I guess that was it, i hope that it wasn`t to much. There is still so many impressions in my head, from the last trip.
And I`ve read the other to of your books as well, they`re also great! I`m very impressed. So I`m looking forward to reading the newest of the books in January.
Sorry about my english, it has been a while...

Regards Jens Bjergegaard Denmark