Ron Giles is a leading troutfishing writer and the author of four books on trout fishing. But all of those have sold out and so are out of print. So if you want access to the huge wealth of how to; where to information in those books, you can buy Ron's ebooks. They contain all the chapters in those books but delivered in a regional collection so you only need to buy the ebook for the region that you intend to fish.
There are two options:
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2/ Buy the pdf versions of Catch That Trout - South Island here

Ron fishes throughout the country and so is able to provide detailed, impartial advice on trout fishing in New Zealand, famous for the quality of its freshwater fishing. He has fished all the major waterways in both islands, as well as many back country and mountain streams. This knowledge and experience is available free to anyone wanting information on when, how or where to go trout fishing New Zealand. Ron has toured the USA giving seminars about troutfishing in New Zealand. During that six month's tour, Ron fished extensively in USA and picked up many innovative techniques from expert anglers and troutfishing guides. Those techniques are included in his latest ebook:

Fishing for Trout - 101 Flyfishing Secrets

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Hey Ron:
Just wanted to say how much I have reading & re-reading & re-reading Hooked on Trout. I moved to NZ 12 years ago from San Francisco after fly fishing there since 1987. I have roamed the back country for those years & it is my heaven. Your book has been the most enjoyable read & I keep it with me when I travel.

Duncan Wilcox

Hi Ron Giles.

I`m a 25-year old man from Denmark. I`m in the fortunate position, that I`m going to NZ for a month in january.
This will be my second trip to NZ. Last time was in January 2005, where my girlfriend an i had 3 great months in your lovely country.
After having heard about the fantastic fishing in NZ, i figured that i had to read about it. So therefore i went down to a book shop in Taupo, and fortunately i picked out your first book, Hooked on trout. I think my girlfriend was a bit tired of me the next week, cause barely put the book down. I learned so much from that book, the nymph fishing wasn`t something i had tried here in Denmark. A couple of weeks went, when suddenly we passed close to the Waitawheta river. I convinced my girlfriend and a couple of our friends that it would be a great place to stay a day. It was raining a bit that day, so the girls were not to happy when we pulled in at the camp site. This was actually where i met you. I don`t know if you remember this. I came up to you as you where walking up to your car. I remember asking:"been down fishing"? Intelligent question, seeing as you had a rod in your hand. I was, to say the least, very surprised when you told me that you where the author of this fantastic book.
But you told me some good things about the river, and I got to catch some fish later that day. You also gave me a fly, and a card with your email add.
And I`ve read your other books as well, they`re also great! I`m very impressed. So i`m looking forward to reading the newest of the books in January.
Sorry about my english, it has been a while...

Regards Jens Bjergegaard Denmark

"Dear Ron,

I'd like to thank you for all the wonderful help you provided my husband and I in planning our first trip to New Zealand. Jeff and I counted ourselves very lucky and blessed to have found such a warm and friendly local that was willing to go out of his way to help a stranger plan their first trip to NZ. The very fact that you stayed in touch with us, answered all our questions, offered your books to us, in addition to any other books you thought might be relevant, was so wonderful.

Warm Regards,"
Jeff and Maru Kramer, Oregon, USA.

"Ron, Thanks SO much for your help. If nothing else, corresponding with you has ensured that I won't be able to think of anything other than our trip until we go!
In the meantime I'm going to keep looking for your book! Thanks again”.

Kahn D. Hobbs , California, USA

I enjoyed the book and found some interesting and useful tips. However, some is specific to New Zealand, but relates to anywhere.
I believe you will also get something from the book.

David Phillips

This ebook covers every aspect of fly fishing for trout. A very informative book.

David Scobie

Ron does some troutfishing guiding, mainly in the North Island but is better known for his troutfishing teaching seminars or private troutfishing lessons. His breadth of experience includes six months fishing in USA, where he gleaned a whole heap of techniques that he has applied to New Zealand waters. And that lead to his very successful book '101 Trout Fishing Secrets'. It contains 101 troutfishing techniques that can be used on waters anywhere in the world.

This is what the press thought of this book:

101 Troutfishing Tips
By Ron Giles

Fishing advice doesn't come any better or more concise than this. Giles, prominent author of troutfishing guide books, crams 30 years' experience into a nutshell. The bare-bones writing and tight editing make for easily found, quick references without having to wade through heavy water.

It is a slim, handy volume ideal for the beginner, veteran, car glovebox, bedside table or traveller's backpack. If you think you know it all, this will prove you wrong.

Buy the ebook version on Amazon for US$2.99 5.0 out of 5 stars