Fishing from small dinghies

Fitting out Small Dinghies

for Sea Fishing 

As readers of the other sea fishing pages will know, I am a fervent advocate of small dinghies for fishing sheltered waters like the Waitemata Harbour. And that I prefer plastic dinghies for their quietness, as opposed to the clang of a 'tinnie' when you drop a sinker. I appreciate that will not be the opinion of many anglers who prefer the maintenance-free attributes of aluminium.
The other big advantage of a plastic boat is the ability to customise them for any fishing purpose. To give some examples of this, let's look at my first plastic dinghy - a Walker Bay 3.4m Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). When I finished fitting it out, it looked like this:

   My fishing dinghy(copy)

Some of the gear to be seen above:
Comfortable fishing seat - #1 requirement for us 'oldies'!
Rod holders
Net holder
Fishfinder - AA battery-powered
CRC spray can holder
Baitboard (not shown but installed at rear of dinghy)
Tackle bag with 3 rod holders (used when travelling at speed)
Fishing Tool holder
Hook/lure catchall
Anchor, chain, warp basket
Dry storage bag for manuals & charts
Net holder
Drogue (sea anchor)
and large chilly bin for snapper like this - 

After seven years of sterling service, that dinghy was replaced by a new mean fishin' machine:


This is a 3.5m Smartwave 3500 plastic dinghy. It is rotationally-moulded and it has a double skin with the 8-9mm gap filled with foam. That huge amount of buoyancy makes it unsinkable as can be seen below.


This boat too has been adapted for fishing with the following gear:
Built-in fish finder in centre console
Rod holders - both screwed into deck and rail-mounted
Rail-mounted Net holder
Fishing tool holders
Baitboard with knifeholder
Additional Railblaza cleat
Parachute Drogue (sea anchor)
Hook/lure catchall
Anchor, chain, warp basket
Dry storage bag for manuals & charts
Net holder
Rocket launcher
and, of course, the comfortable fishing seat!
This model has a built in chilly bin inside the double width seat for the helmsperson and passenger.
The other new addition is the Bimini top which has been very handy this hot summer.

This is going to take a while-343

Two nice snapper ready for filleting.